Admission Policy

  1. This policy applies to all applicants applying to study at Empire College London.
  2. Empire College London believes that a diverse student community is of benefit to all. Empire College London is committed to widening access to, and participation in, Higher Education, by seeking to raise awareness and expectations so that all those who can benefit from the provision are able to access it. The College is committed to ensuring confidentiality during the admissions process to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  3. Empire College London, in accordance with its aim, confirms its commitment to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities in which individuals are selected, developed, and otherwise treated on the basis of his or her relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within the College. The College is committed to ensuring that any individual with learning difficulties or disabilities are treated fairly. The objective of this policy is to ensure:


That no applicant shall be treated more or less favourably than any other on account of his or her gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, citizenship, religion, age or socioeconomic background.

  1. To allow applicants to find out more about Empire College London, its courses and requirements for entry, we have the ECL Prospectus and the College Website.
  2. College staff will communicate only with the applicant unless he or she has given consent for the College to discuss his or her application with another person.



  1. In deciding whether to offer a place to an applicant, the College will treat each application on its individual merits. It will take a range of information supplied in the submitted application into account when identifying an applicant’s suitability for the programme for which he or she has applied.
  2. The Admissions Officer will arrange interviews for applicants in order to assist in evaluating their suitability to meet the demands of their intended programme. Performance at interview will be used in conjunction with the submitted application, when making a decision.
  3. International students will have to satisfy the requirements of the UK Home Office for studying in the UK as well as meeting the entry requirements of the College. They will also have to prove their English Language Skills by producing Secure English Language Test Report.
  4. For UK/EU Student’s, initial Assessment indicating levels of literacy and numeracy will take place at the time of enrolment.
  5. An applicant who meets the entry requirements of a course, as indicated in our printed materials and on the website does not necessarily guarantee an offer of a place.
  6. An applicant will receive notification of the College’s decision on his or her application via phone, email or by a letter from the college within 15 working days of the application date.  If he or she is to be made an offer of a place, the offer will specify any conditions of entry that he or she is expected to meet in order to take up that place.
  7. An applicant will be expected to respond to an offer within 7 working days.


Publication of Entry Requirements

  1. The College aims to provide clear, accurate and transparent information about its programmes, that is appropriate to the needs of prospective applicants, in both internal and external publications.
  2. The main sources of information on entry requirements are:


  • Prospectus
  • The College Website


  1. Changes made to entry requirements will be communicated as soon as possible via the College Website and VLE. These sources should therefore be considered the most up-to-date and applicable.


General Entrance Requirements

  1. The College welcomes applications from students holding a range of qualifications. The College will use independently published guidelines and rankings recognised within the United Kingdom higher education sector, such as UK NARIC when considering the equivalence of qualifications.


Mature Students

  1. The college welcomes applications from mature students. Given the wide range of backgrounds, qualifications and experience that mature applicants may offer, entry requirements are not necessarily rigid and can vary from one individual to another. The admission department will arrange an interview with an applicant to find out more about his/her reason for study and qualifications.



  1. The College strives to treat all applicants fairly and without prejudice. As the College is not able to offer a place to all applicants, Admissions staff will record the reason(s) for rejection on an applicant’s file. The reason for rejection will be communicated to the applicant via email or by a letter from the college within 15 working days of the application date.
  2. Should an applicant ask for more in-depth feedback the College will, wherever possible, answer the request.


Responsibility of the applicant

  1. The College expects that an applicant will provide full and accurate information in order to be considered for admission. Applicants suspected of submitting, or found to have submitted, false information will be rejected.
  2. The College reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a place if fraud is discovered following an applicant receiving an offer.


Changes to Programmes

  1. If there is a significant change to a programme of study between the publication of the Prospectus and the start of the programme to which an applicant has applied the College will notify applicants as soon as possible indicating the options available to them. Significant changes may include:


  • Substantial changes to the content of the programme applied for.
  • Discontinuation of a programme of study.


Appeals and Complaints

  1. Should an applicant wish to lodge a complaint concerning the application process or an appeal against an admissions decision, he or she should write in the first instance to the College Administrator via Email


Interaction with an applicant

  1. The College is committed to ensuring that any interaction with an applicant is conducted in a professional, courteous and respectful manner and it expects that any communication from an applicant or his or her representative is conducted in the same way.
  2. Applicants, and their representatives, should note that the College will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards its employees. Hostile, aggressive or otherwise inappropriate behaviour will be viewed seriously and may prejudice the consideration of an application, appeal or complaint.
  3. The College will usually warn an applicant or representative that his or her behaviour is felt to be inappropriate, and that action may be taken, but where the behaviour is particularly inappropriate no warning may be given.
  4. This policy will be reviewed annually by the ECL Management and updated as appropriate.


Last updated and reviewed: September 2017