Complaints Procedure

What to Do If You Have a Complaint

Empire College London provides the opportunity for all its students to freely express their opinion on the issues related to their study and life in the college. To achieve this, ECL has adopted a complaint procedure for the fair investigation and resolution of students’ allegations when they are raised.

No student will be disadvantaged by having raised a complaint, but the college expects that students will be reasonable and fair in their judgments and actions.

A Complaint is an act of raising a concern or expressing dissatisfaction with a certain issue related to someone’s actions or a situation in the college. Normally, complaints can be resolved at the initial stage and should be directed by the student to a teacher or a personal tutor first. Also, any complaints can be communicated to the college management through the student representatives.

If the complaint involves a teacher or a staff member, if the complaint has not been addressed after being raised, and the issue has not been resolved or if the complaint is of a confidential nature, then the student should put the complaint in writing and follow the complaint procedure outlined below.

Completion of a complaints form

Complaint forms can be collected from the college reception desk or you can request one to be e-mailed or posted. When making a written complaint, it is helpful if you give as much information as possible and include steps that you have taken in pursuing your complaint. Mention any discussion that you have already had about the matter, attach copies of any earlier correspondence, and state clearly what remedy if any you are seeking.

On receipt of your complaint the management team will contact the most appropriate senior member of staff and an investigation will take place. The senior staff member investigating the complaint will contact you as soon as their investigation is complete. This would normally be within 10 working days but can sometimes take longer. If at any time, however, you would like to get information concerning the investigation; you may contact us and be updated with the status of your complaint.

Wherever possible you will be contacted with the results of the investigation into your complaint. At this time you will be asked whether you are satisfied with the outcome and will have the opportunity to ask any question regarding the investigation. If you are satisfied at this stage, the complaint will be closed.

We would like you to allow us the chance to resolve your complaint first. However if you remain dissatisfied with the final response you can forward your compliant to the OIA.

Who is OIA: The Higher Education Act 2004 required the appointment of an independent body to run a student complaints scheme in England and Wales and the OIA was chosen to operate this scheme in 2005.  Their role is to review individual complaints by students against higher education providers. They have no regulatory powers over providers and cannot punish or fine them.

Monitoring & Reporting of Complaints

The management will oversee the tracking and monitoring of complaints progressed through the procedure. All complaints will be held on record by the management and are confidential.

The complaints procedure is one aspect of the college quality assurance procedures. Information on complaints will be provided to the senior management and used to assist improvements to services and facilities.

(If any complaint is considered to be of a serious nature the complaint will be immediately brought to the attention of the Senior Management who will lead any investigation)

Last updated and reviewed: September 2017