Extra Curricular Activities Calendar 2016-2017

The College prides itself on being a strong academic College, where a large part of the focus is on academic success. There are, however, opportunities to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities during studies at Empire College London.

During the year, specific College activities are organised within and outside the College to encourage students to socialise, communicate and enjoy a sense of participation within a community.

To enhance the student’s experience, Empire College London runs an exciting and comprehensive social events programme. Attending these events is an opportunity to share your experiences, network and make friends with fellow students.

To book a place on an event, please contact Mr. Waqas at ECL Admin Department or via following email address:


Key Dates:

Christmas Party 15th December 2016
Career Advise Workshop 7th March 2017
Certificate Distribution Event for Graduated Students 26th April 2017
Student Achievement Awards 2nd May 2017
Badminton Tournament 31st May 2017
Recreational Trip 26th June 2017


**Dates may change subject to the student’s availability

Last updated and reviewed: April 2017