First Aid Policy and Procedures

This First Aid Policy covers the arrangements that are in place to make sure that appropriate first aid provision is available throughout Empire College London.

Legal Duty to provide First Aid

Empire College London has a legal duty to make arrangements for the provision of first aid which are as follows:

a) To provide adequate and appropriate first aid equipment and facilities to employees, students and visitors if they are injured or become ill at work

b) To ensure that there is a number of suitable persons available to provide first-aid if employees students and visitors are injured or become ill at work

Definition of First Aid

First Aid within the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 is defined as:

a) in cases where a person will need help from a medical practitioner or nurse, treatment for the purpose of preserving life and minimising the consequences of injury and illness until such help is obtained, and

b) Treatment of minor injuries which would otherwise receive no treatment or which do not need treatment by a medical practitioner or nurse.

Assessment of Need

As part of its legal duty to provide first aid, Empire College London should make an assessment of first-aid needs appropriate to the current circumstances. Sufficient first aid equipment, facilities and personnel should be available:

a) To provide immediate assistance to employees, students and visitors with both common injuries or illness and those likely to arise from specific hazards at work;

b) To call an ambulance or other professional help by dialling 999.

First Aid Officers – ‘Appointed Persons’

Empire College London provides First Aid officers on-site at all times. ‘Appointed Persons’ will be in charge of the first aid arrangements on-site and off-site (e.g. during college trips).

A First Aid Officer is a person who has a valid certificate of competence in ‘First Aid at Work’ approved by Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The certificate is valid for three years and Empire College London will arrange for retraining with an approved HSE training organisation before the First Aiders current certificate expires. All College First Aid Officers must attend any emergency immediately.

‘Appointed Persons’ are members of staff who are appointed to look after the first-aid equipment and facilities and calling the emergency services when required, if the First Aid Officer is unavailable. ‘Appointed Persons’ do not need first-aid training. They should not attempt to give first aid unless they have been trained to do so.

All staff of Empire College London appointed to act as either as a First Aid Officer or Appointed Person should be familiar with the following:

  • their duties as a First Aid Officer/Appointed Person
  • procedure for calling an ambulance
  • reporting of an accident/incident
  • stocking of the first aid box.


First Aid Equipment and Monitoring

Empire College London will provide the materials, equipment and facilities required to ensure that the level of need identified will be available to employee’s and students at all relevant times.

Empire College London provides a clearly marked (white cross on a green background) first aid box in the reception area on the first floor. It is the First Aid Officer’s / Appointed Person’s duty to ensure that the first aid box is reasonably stocked at all times, expiry dates checked and cleanliness of items guaranteed.

There is no mandatory list of items to be included in the first aid box. The decision on what to include is determined by the findings of the first-aid needs assessment.

First Aid Record Keeping

All accidents / incidents attended by a First Aid Officer or Appointed Person must be recorded in the accident report book. The accident report book is stored in a secure location in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 in the main office next to the reception.

The recorded information will be used by Empire College London to assess the required level of first aid and to identify improvements.

Information on First Aid arrangements

In order for the First aid policy and procedures to work effectively, it is important that they are known and understood by everyone in the College. The First Aid Policy and Procedures can be accessed on the college website and are displayed next to the first aid box in the reception area on the first floor.

The First Aid Officer / Appointed Persons can be contacted through college reception on the first floor. Their names are displayed on notice boards on the 1st and 2nd floors.

All new members of staff and students, as part of their induction, will be made aware of Empire College London’s first aid policy and procedures.

Last updated and reviewed: January  2017