Attendance Policy

Attendance at Empire College London is compulsory.  Students are required to attend all classes and to take responsibility for their own learning. Learning is a shared experience and learners are expected to play a part in promoting collective understanding.

Students must attend classes, tutorials and examinations to the satisfaction of Empire College London. Absence is only accepted under certain circumstances but learners are generally expected to attend as regularly as possible.

Absence can be an indicator of the academic or personal problems of many kinds. It is therefore important that all tutors and management of Empire College London know which students are attending regularly and which are not. All tutors and office staff will monitor attendance of students. Where attendance problems are identified, office staff will respond promptly and efficiently.

Below are procedures to be followed to monitor and deal with non attendance.

Procedures of Dealing with non- attendance

  1. Tutors need to be clear with students that they are expected to attend classes, tutorials and examinations. Tutors should point out that students may be removed from their course if they fail to attend regularly.
  2. Tutors and office staff are responsible for monitoring attendance of their students. Tutors should have accurate and up to date lists of students who should be attending.
  3. Students must attend all classes, tutorials and examinations. Empire College London has a required level of attendance of 80%.
  4. For any ECL programme where there is systematic non attendance by a student (e.g. over a period of 4 classes), the learner will be contacted by the relevant department.


Such contact will:

  • Remind the learner that classes have been missed;
  • Remind the learner of the importance of attending all classes;
  • Request an explanation as to why classes have been missed;
  • Invite the learner to discuss with their tutor and/or management any problems they might be experiencing that could be the cause of their poor attendance.
  • Where a learner is identified as having persistent non attendance, tutors reserve the right to refer the learner to the Head of Studies/Management.


Overseas / International Learners

Overseas or International learners must be made aware that being absent for 10 consecutive classes result in their details being sent to the UKVI.

Empire College London is legally bound to report continued absence to the UKVI, so that the concerned departments can take the necessary action. If a student is reported to the UKVI it may result in the current leave being curtailed or invalid which may lead to removal from the UK.

The Importance of Attendance

Attendance is very important because of two main reasons: Firstly Students have made a commitment to work towards achieving academic success by enrolling on their programme of studies. In order to achieve success in their studies it is important that they participate in, and engage fully with the allocated timetable. Secondly students are legally bound under the points based system to attend all classes timetabled, non attendance will result in breach of their visa conditions. The College therefore views attendance as an essential part of the student’s progress.

In order to achieve this, we have an effective system of attendance in place that helps us monitor our students so that we know that they are not in breach of their legal duties.

Procedure for Recording Attendance

The admin department prepares an attendance sheet before each class and hands it over to the lecturer who takes attendance (in some cases a member of the admin team may take the attendance).

All arrivals within the first 15 minutes are marked as ‘present’ and anybody arriving after 15 minutes is marked as ‘late’. All arrivals after 30 min of the class starting will not be allowed to enter class and will be directed to the admin department.

The tutor or admin team puts in appropriate codes against the name of every student on the list. At the end of the class the tutor or admin team initials against all entries, signs the sheet and hands it to the admin department.

The attendance administrator will incorporate any authorised absences. He/she will input the attendance record for each class into the college electronic Management System by the end of the day. This will be checked by the administrator who will then issue attendance warning letters accordingly depending on the number of classes missed. The college system will automatically alert the administrator of the number of classes missed once the data has been entered.

Procedure for Authorised Absence

Sickness Absence

If you are unable to attend the college due to ill health, you must inform the college reception on the first day morning before 10 am, giving the reason for your absence, whether you intend to visit your GP and your expected date of return to college. If this is not possible you should appoint a responsible person to do so on your behalf. On your return to college you should complete self-certification of illness form available on Reception and have it filed in your personal folder.

Please note that absences in excess of 7 consecutive days (including weekends) will require a Doctor’s certificate. Unexplained absence is not acceptable and will affect your attendance rating.

Special Leave

Special leave can be granted for a wide variety of reasons, including bereavement, attending court, domestic distress or competing in an educational event. Permission for time off as special leave must be obtained in writing from the Management.

Holiday Entitlement

Holidays are booked using the Request Form (available from the college website) and must be approved and signed by the Reception/Admin Dept. Students should avoid booking holidays which would clash with the allocated timetable, except in unforeseen circumstances.

Late return from Holiday

In the event of a known delay from any holiday period where a student is unable to return to college on the agreed return date, the student must make all reasonable efforts to inform the Reception/Admin Dept. at the earliest possible moment.

Monitoring and Evaluation of the Policy

The management is responsible for ensuring continuous and effective implementation of this attendance policy. The College Management monitors the operation of this policy on a weekly basis by receiving regular reports on student attendance. The policy itself is reviewed in order to make sure that it is in full compliance at all times with the relevant laws and regulations. The following is the procedure for monitoring the attendance:

The college system will automatically alert the administrator of the number of classes missed once the data has been entered.

  • Once all attendance has been entered into the system on the same day, the system will automatically alert the administrator of the number of classes missed.
  • Email/first warning letters are sent to students who have missed 4 consecutive classes. This letter requires the students to explain the reasons for this fall in their attendance. Also, that they are required to improve on this level.
  • Second Warning Letters are issued to the students who have missed 8 consecutive classes.
  • Third warning letter is issued to the students who have missed 10 consecutive classes. The letter will confirm the requirement set by the UKVI.
  • The management will inform the UKVI if the student has missed 10 expected contacts – these include but are not limited to attending a class, a meeting with tutor or college official, submitting an assessed or non-assessed coursework, attending a test/examination etc.
  • If a student who has already been reported to the UKVI reports back to the college with a valid reason for his absence and the college is satisfied with the response from the student, UKVI will be informed of the same.
  • A Register of those students reported to the UKVI is maintained. A log of all the communications with students is maintained for future references and follow ups.
  • The College will take all possible actions in its power to track the whereabouts of any students who have continuously been non attending or have been expelled. It will provide all relevant information to UKVI that will help them to identify and locate such students.
  • Records of authorized absence will be retained on the student’s file.
  • Any continuous non attendance will be reported to the relevant authorities including UKVI and Student Finance England.


Last updated and reviewed: January 2017