Help through Coronavirus – Student Space

We are very excited to share Student Space with you. Run by Student Minds, to help you through the coronavirus pandemic. Explore support services, tools and a range of information to support you with the challenges of student life today: studentspace.org.uk

There are three ways that Student Space is here to help:
1. Access dedicated support services for students, by phone, text, email and webchat
2. Information and tools to help you through the challenges of coronavirus
3. Helping you find what support is available at your place of study

Please visit studentspace.org.uk for further information. You can also discuss any matter with the Student Welfare Team at the College.

Student Space is led by Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity.

Empire College London is dedicated to providing students with the ideal platform to succeed within the College and beyond. Our caring and supportive environment will ensure that you will have an enjoyable and fulfilling time with us.