Students’ Testimonials

Here’s what our students have to say about their time at the Empire College London.

Being in Empire College made me understand my abilities to learn and to further my education. Tutors were very supportive, and I got the chance to meet new people.


Diploma in Education and Training 2019

My experience at Empire College was an excellent, very co-operative and motivating environment. I feel proud of being a part of the college. A bundle of thanks to teachers and staff.

M Rizwan

Diploma in Education and Training 2019

This course was a great opportunity for me to start my career in teaching. I am very pleased to be a part of this college. I am officially starting my teaching career in 2020.


Diploma in Education and Training 2019

I completed my HND at Empire College London. It was an excellent experience with  outstanding teachers and staff. Very well managed.


HND Business Management July 2019

I had an excellent experience studying at Empire College London. The teachers and management were very supportive.


HND Business Management July 2019

First, my experience at the college has given me a chance to improve my skills and knowledge in business management.

“ THANK YOU” It was a pleasure to be here.


HND Business Management July 2019

Enjoyed studying at the college. Classes were small, so tutors had time to support students.


HND Business Management July 2019

After starting the course, I was offered the position of guest service manager at Hampton by Hilton, and now when I have finished my course, I have been promoted to Front Office Manager. The college has given me the best insights and confidence. The course has given me knowledge and a push to pursue my dreams.

Syed Ali

HND Business Management January 2019

It was very enjoyable and an eye-opener for me in terms of the business industry. Teachers and staff were amazing.


HND Business Management January 2019

Empire College London is a place to be; the lecturers are up to the task.


HND Business Management January 2019

The best so far that I have attended. The lecturers were very helpful; the environment was very bright. Staff was very positive and always ready to help, support and encourage us. In general, it’s the best place to be.


HND Business Management January 2019

As a student at Empire College London, my experience was fantastic. Staff and lecturers are nice, helpful and well as strict in terms of rules and regulations of the college, especially attendance.


HND Business Management January 2019

I had an excellent experience. The teachers were very good, and the management, especially the academic department was always very understanding and helpful.


HND Business Management January 2019

It was a good experience. College staff was accommodating, motivating and professional. I am very thankful to everyone.


HND Business Management January 2019

The college staff and teachers have been very supportive throughout the whole course.

Syed Waji

HND Business Management January 2019

It was an excellent opportunity to study at Empire College London which allowed me to pursue a degree qualification.


HND Business Management January 2019

It was a good learning experience with inspiring teachers and friendly staff.


Diploma in Education and Training 2018

It was amazing to be studying at Empire College London. I enjoyed my course with competitive staff and teachers.


Diploma in Education and Training 2018

I had a wonderful experience studying at Empire College London. The college provides the best tutors and atmosphere for learners.


HND Business Management July 2018

Excellent teaching, guiding and motivation for the future. Good administration and management. Very convenient for working students especially women.


HND Business Management July 2018

I had a good experience at Empire College London. This college prepared well for employment and further study.


HND Business Management July 2018

I had a quality experience at Empire College London. The course was intense, but I enjoyed.


HND Business Management July 2018

It was an excellent experience and allowed me to learn many great things.


HND Business Management July 2018

Studying at Empire College London has increased my knowledge to a high degree and helped me to become self-employed.


HND Business Management July 2018

During the course, the staff & teachers were very helpful. I really enjoyed studying at Empire College London.


HND Business Management January 2018

Had a great time at Empire College London, very cooperative staff.


HND Business Management January 2018

I found Empire College London to be excellent. Management and staff were good. The environment was excellent. Good place for learning and improving.


HND Business Management January 2018


Had a great time at Empire College London.


HND Business Management January 2018

Overall experience was very good. Teachers and staff were friendly and cooperative. I learned a lot and improved my confidence.

Syed Tayyab

HND Business Management January 2018


A good experience at Empire College London, wonderful staff and teachers.


HND Business Management January 2018

The quality of education is excellent and the teachers are well qualified, brilliant and experienced.


HND Business Management 2017

My experience in Empire College London was fantastic. The teaching methods and facilities were very helpful to me, which enable me to achieve all, I know about business today especially in the area of personal and professional development.


HND Business Management 2017

Thank you for giving me to transition as smooth as possible into this college, after the ordeal, many of us were facing from my previous college.

The Tutors were excellent and the staff were very helpful and professional. Very reliable and efficient college with high academic standards. Highly Recommended!


Diploma in Education and Training 2017

Very happy with the service provided.


Diploma in Education and Training 2017

I found the staff and tutors very welcoming and helpful. They created an environment in which I felt comfortable and supported in order to achieve my DET Level 5.


 Diploma in Education and Training 2017

It was a very fulfilling and satisfying experience with very good and qualified tutors.


Diploma in Education and Training 2017

I found the experience of Empire College London to be warm, supportive and educational. The staff was amazing and always happy to help in any way they could.


Diploma in Education and Training 2017

My experience at ECL was brilliant and I enjoyed every bit of the time spent there. I was opportune to meet the wonderful staff members, students and teachers, that made my experience unforgettable.


HND Business Management 2017

My experience in college has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. Studying at ECL was life changing for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone, who has a great interest in a management course.


HND Business Management 2017

It was a lifetime experience. Apart from learning, I have made many friends, met very nice teachers. The College atmosphere was awesome too.


HND Business Management 2017

It was a great experience coming to study. The college has provided a great opportunity for me to enhance my abilities. The tutors, the college staff and the students build a great team and provided an excellent environment for study.


HND Business Management 2017

My time at Empire College has had mixed blessings, upon starting the course I was given all information, which would answer my concerns. The induction day was very informative. There are many resources available at Empire College to aid in my educational questions such as VLE, tutors lectures, library to sit and study as well as course books. In case of any concerns, I just ask and problems are usually addressed and answered quickly. The college often has social events where we can make new friends, as well as sporting events. I would personally recommend this college.


HND Business Management 2015

Education is the best provision for life’s journey, and certainly, Empire College is the best to provide one. During my educational time, I liked the quality of delivery in the classes and found my course and lecturers very interesting. The administration and academic department staff are truly brilliant and are of the highest calibre. The overall experience of studying at Empire College was life-changing for me, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a great interest in management courses.


Level 7 Extended Diploma 2015

To me, Empire College is considered to be the best amongst the colleges I’ve been to in the last 10 years. Its extensive teaching style is intellectually challenging. The administration & management of the college are very professional and are easily accessible; the atmosphere is great to point a student into a comfort zone where they can absorb knowledge easily. I met some amazing students who I hope to stay in contact forever. Loved the place, loved the people and most of all loved the atmosphere.

Syed Imran

HND Business Management; 2015

Throughout my first year here, I don’t think that I ever enjoyed my studies as much as I enjoyed at ECL. College is exceptional in providing such a great environment. Admin could not have been kinder and more supportive. Being closer to your teachers has its own perks to get through your academic with such an ease. Thank you so much, ECL for having me…


ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Management; 2015

I am studying in Empire College for last 3 years I have completed HNC and HND Business Management courses. I have enjoyed a lot of my studies with Empire College, especially events like Badminton tournament, Ice Bar and Thorpe Park Trip. I will never forget these moments which I have collected from Empire College. They are doing very well. Thank you


HNC/HND Business Management; 2014, ATHE Level 6; 2015

I would say it is the multicultural composition of the Institute. The teachers are very competent and friendly and so are the administrative and support staff. We could always count on them to assist us with any issues or provide us with solutions whenever we required them. The lecturers do their level best in terms of making sure that we pass our assignments and the support they have rendered is remarkable. Procedures and processes are straightforward within the organisation and are easily accessible to anyone.

Level 7 Extended Diploma 2014

ECL Provides a very friendly, comfortable environment and motivates you to study hard and enjoy the process alongside.

Level 7 Extended Diploma 2014

The college staff is very friendly and very supportive. I like Empire College London for many reasons, first I like the general atmosphere of the college which is very welcoming and friendly. My teachers are very hard working and do their best to teach us.

The lectures are easy to understand, they always pay individual attention to every student in the class. During the last six months, I am Proud to say that I have improved my English a lot. I love my teacher’s method of teaching – thanks to my teacher Mr Nanda.

HND Business Management 2014

I am glad to be your Student, a million thanks to you. As you gave me the strength to make my dream come true!!!. For one person, you are the world!!! and that person is me thank you, teacher. I love my college because we have a very high standard of education. All staff and teachers are very friendly, hard-working, cooperative and honest with their work. I am happy and satisfied with my college and recommend everyone to come and join.

HND Business Management 2014

Thank you to all ECL staff and tutors for giving me a great fillip and starting me off in my career as a science teacher. My experience with Empire College London has been excellent. The DTLLS course at ECL was a boost to my career in 2012-2013; I did a full-time course for DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector) at Empire College London.  I have had found this course challenging and at times I have been stretched to my limits.

However, I enjoyed my time at ECL because the teaching faculty were well experienced, learning sessions were personal, interactive and have a friendly atmosphere that encourages me to participate more.  Mrs Robinson, my Teacher Trainer who delivered the DTLLS (Diploma in Teaching in the Life Long Learning Sector) was a special character. She was a teacher, a subject mentor, a form tutor and many more. She has all the qualities of an outstanding teacher; the one has always been available to speak to, with clear and positive feedback. The whole experience has been exciting, motivating and has had a positive influence on my teaching, coaching and everyday outlook, on the world we live in.


DTLLS 2013

I wanted to study at Empire College London firstly because this institution offers classes with more personal, and individual tutoring. Secondly, I felt that Empire College London offer the best Academic Environment to achieve my goals. Personally, I have the benefit of the social and administrative support also I appreciate the most id the Sense of Belonging to a family. It really does you to make friends in the other academic groups and feel like you belong to a family.

I greatly enjoyed a full-time programme in Diploma in Information Technology, that I have successfully completed. Our lectures were very approachable and seemed pleased to be asked questions. After completing my DIT course I started in HND Business Management. I am gaining excellent experience in the different area of the business. It’s an expanding organization with many opportunities and I believe that I have the right career choice.

HND Business Management 2013

I came to Empire College London for my Administrative Management course. I was highly inspired by the lectures and their teaching skills.

I proceeded to my Higher National Diploma in the College. I am very impressed with the Environment in which teaching is carried out, it motivates me to learn more and improve myself academically.

HND Business Management 2013

I am highly indebted to EMPIRE COLLEGE LONDON for their guidance, encouragement and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary resources which helped me in the completion of my Level 7. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all staff, tutors and management.

This amazing College is comprised of individuals/students all of whom are dedicated to sharing their knowledge with others so that they too might go onto become successful in their lives. They shared their knowledge, their ideas, and numerous tips all of which culminated in the completion of my course. Thanks, guys. Thanks, everyone. They helped me.


Level 7 Extended Diploma 2012

To me, the college environment is about experiencing new things. During my one year course at ECL, I went through a wonderful phase of learning in the guidance of professional teachers.

Most importantly I would like to mention Mr Andrei who played a great role in our educational grooming. In a nutshell, I would like to say that one year at Empire College London has added a great deal to my professional education.

Level 7 Extended Diploma 2012

At Empire College, the teachers are knowledgeable and the lessons are thorough and comprehensive. The nice thing, too, is that all the teaching approaches are different, which keeps things fresh and encourages the students to be flexible. It’s a good place to get what you need, and the classes are small enough that you don’t feel like just a number. ECL has been very involved in our development, organising extra seminars, workshops where I have been able to work in small focused sessions with professional from ECL and external quality assurance body.

Doing the DTLLS opened up so many doors for me and soon after completing the course I was offered an opportunity to work with ECL in the academic department where I boost my skills under Centre Manager’s guidance. Rita has been always supportive and encouraging to the entire team. Director, Mr Kakar has personal integrity and his friendly approach has been motivated me throughout my journey at ECL.

I moved to Canada to rejoin family and decided to move back to the UK in 2014 and was really surprised by my hidden strengths (I was gradually adopting from Rita, centre manager, ECL) which enhanced my ability to work under the quality assurance and achieved required licenses to start my training centre.  My success entirely belongs to ECL. Thank you Empire College and its entire staff.


DTLLS 2012

My experience at Empire College London was a wonderful one, the transition from exam to assignment was the best choice administration made.

The lectures and materials provided were very beneficial for us as students, also the insightful class debates made the course really come to life and the learning experience great fun!!!. I would like to say great oriented and most of all my studies enjoyable!

HND Business Management 2011

Coming to ECL with the hope to read for my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering was the beginning of a streamline of opportunities. To begin with, the admin staff at ECL (would like to mention some names – Ms R Sandhu, Mr A Ali, Mr Q A Kakar) helped me in every possible way when I first came to the UK. At ECL, I had the privilege to be taught by lecturers who really cared about my academic progress; it was their effort that led to the creation of a strong foundation.

Today I am working as a Mechanical Design Engineer for one of the world’s leading oil tool equipment provider. As an engineering graduate with first class honours along with full-time work, I am also pursuing a part-time MBA degree.

Even now when I look back I can proudly say my journey began at ECL.

HND Mechanical Engineering 2011

I have graduated from Empire College London with HND Mechanical Engineering, which helped me to get in the final year of BEng course at Anglia Ruskin University. Teachers, Management and Admin staff were very helpful and were there to help us even outside of working hours. Extra classes were in place which helped me in boosting my engineering knowledge.

HND Mechanical Engineering 2011