Studying at Empire College London, How it helped me in my Professional Life – an article by Ms Lydia Tett Olet – HND Business Final Semester Student

People often ask me where I get my skills from, especially when it comes to marketing. As an entrepreneur, I see no problem, no matter your age, in seeking education to help with your business or projects, adding on to the skills you already have. Here is my secret: Although I have been in business and self-employment most of my adult life, I decided to take a business management course. Furthermore, finding a place that could accommodate my hectic lifestyle and schedule, being a mother to 3 gorgeous girls as well as a full-time entrepreneur always on the move, I chose Empire College London.

Empire College London was able to fit right into my hectic schedule regarding timetable and flexibility, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff to the different courses offered. I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one help and support from teachers, employment weeks, fieldwork, which includes interacting with real businesses. I definitely recommend Empire College London to anyone who wants to further their career and higher education. I am currently studying Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Management to enhance my business skills.

The above article was published in Karibu Magazine in July 2018. Ms Lydia Tett Olet is also the chief editor of the Karibu Magazine. https://www.facebook.com/KenyaInThePark/.

You can download the Karibu Magazine – July 2018 Edition from the following link: https://jmp.sh/lheaExr